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Turn your passion into a genuine connection.
Shela-He is a new initiative to connect ladies and girls with Limud HaTorah on a personal level.
Each day, you give $1, and Shela-He will send it directly to Talmidei Chachamim that same day.
Every 1,000 members enables us to support another chosen family each day.
The more partners we have the more Torah learning we can support.
365 Days. 365 opportunities.

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Every 1,000 members
Enables us to support
another chosen family each day.

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After 210 years of hard backbreaking labor in מצרים, Hashem brought us to the מדבר and commanded us to build a משכן, which is a task that takes much talent and craftsmanship.


Where did כלל ישראל get all this talent and craftsmanship from, being that they just left מצרים?  


The רמב"ן answers, 

The פסוק states "ויבאו כל איש אשר נשאו לבו"


The ones who lifted their hearts to carry the responsibility of building the משכן, to those Hashem gave the talents naturally. 

The abilities to have such special craftsmanship came from the fact that they wanted to do the רצון ה'!


One can get super strengths and talents when we show Hashem that the will and רצון is there.


BY: Rabbi Chaim Bornstein

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